Apply For Sponsorship!

Thank you for considering applying to Social Good Fund. Please be sure to take a look at our  FAQ before submitting an application.

PLEASE NOTE: As a fiscal sponsor, we do not provide financial assistance directly. Please DO NOT apply if you are seeking funding from us. If you have questions about what fiscal sponsorship is, you can find very helpful information here.

Finally, there are generally two possible outcomes once we review your application:

    1. We will invite you to have a Zoom meeting with us to further discuss your project and our support services and see if there is a path forward together. OR
    2. We will decline to pursue a path forward together. There are any number of reasons we may decline to pursue support of your project and given the large volume of applications we receive, we will NOT be able to provide you with a detailed explanation as to why. We realize this may be a disappointment to some but we ask for your understanding because we simply do not have the bandwidth to provide feedback to everyone who applies.

Are you applying from outside the United States?

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