SocialGood Donor Advised Funds

Innovative Philanthropy Through Customized Giving

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

Simply put,  it is a financial account maintained by a charitable organization into which funds are deposited for the purpose of charitable giving. Donations made to DAFs are irrevocable and the donor is given the right to advise on the use of the funds. Typically, a DAF is used to make contributions to a donor’s favorite charities. They are a very affordable and efficient way to participate in philanthropic giving.


  • Donors can take an immediate tax deduction of up to 50% of adjusted gross income for cash and 30% for appreciated assets.
  • Give at your own pace.
  • Can accept liquid and illiquid assets (Stock, Real Estate, Art, other tangible personal property).
  • Donors can name successors to their DAF.
  • Capital gains tax may be eliminated for appreciated assets.
  • Ability to remain anonymous, if desired.

How Are Our Donor Advised Funds Different?

First, unlike major financial institutions, we are a real public charitable organization.  We want to inspire everyone to help build the kind of world they wish to see.

Because of this we offer innovative and fully customized philanthropic services. This means we will create a project specifically tailored and designed by you. Maybe this simply means dedicating a bench to your favorite local park. . . or, maybe this means building a hospital, or creating an entirely new institution that promotes your vision and values. We encourage donors to be as innovative as their dreams and resources allow.

In addition to our Custom donor advised funds, we also offer Traditional and Curated donor advised funds.

Custom DAF

  • Your vision put into action, we manage a project of your design
  • Any sized project (small to large)
  • Innovative giving
  • Customized legacy

Curated DAF

  • Donor directed giving
  • We research charities based on your criteria
  • A portfolio of compatible charities is prepared for you
  • You select which charities to give to
  • Option to make anonymous donations

Traditional DAF

  • Donor directed giving
  • You research and select which charities to give to
  • Option to make anonymous donations

What Can Be Donated to Our Donor Advised Funds?

SocialGood accepts the following assets:

  • Cash
  • Real estate
  • Stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares
  • Privately held stock
  • Tangible personal property (e.g., art, collections, antiques, automobiles, etc.)
  • Other forms of donations may also be considered

Features, Timeline, & Fees

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