SocialGood Fiscal Sponsorship

About Our Fiscal Sponsorship

We want to enable you to bring your vision to life–easily and quickly. SocialGood has a broad social mission: to promote and cultivate positive influences for individuals, communities, and the environment.  What does this mean for you?  It means that, no matter the purpose of your project (social change, public art, environmental justice, etc.), as long as it brings a benefit to others and is non-commercial (i.e., exclusively for-profit), we can sponsor you. Moreover, we will sponsor you quickly.

We work to approve your project within 5 business days, giving you the assurance and peace of mind you need to start your work. Many Fiscal Sponsors charge an application fee.  We do not. We encourage you to apply. We think that just knowing you can get started in your efforts gives you peace of mind that can be used to further your charitable efforts. If you need further general information about what fiscal sponsorship is, and how it can benefit you, the Foundation Center provides excellent information that can be found here. You can also view a list of some of our current projects here.

We are here to help you help others.

There are no time commitments.
We are here for you as long as you need our support.

What do we sponsor?

  • Local & Nationwide projects
  • International projects
  • Long and short term projects
  • New and existing projects
  • One-time and ongoing events

Additional Questions?

See our FAQ page, here.

What issues do  we sponsor?

Anything that has a positive impact on people or the environment, including, but not limited to:

  • Community
  • Economic Development
  • Public Art
  • Performing Arts
  • Environmental Justice
  • Health and Well-being

Get Sponsored

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What we offer

  • Fast Approval.  We work to approve your application within 5 business days–with no hassle.  That means if you apply today, you can start next week!
  • No Minimum Budget. We do not require a minimum budget and there is no need to have funding already in place.
  • Low Administration Fees.  Our fees to sponsor your project are among the lowest fees of fiscal sponsors, allowing you to spend your money where it’s needed most–on your project. And unlike many fiscal sponsors, there is no application fee.
  • Broad Sponsorship.  Because we want to help as many people as possible, we sponsor most projects.
  • Payroll. We will pay you and your staff, with all federal state and local taxes deducted. Insurance. Projects are covered with our general liability insurance.

Additional Benefits Below

Additional Benefits

24/7 Access to Your Financial Information

We give you access to log-in and view your project’s financial information at any time.  This gives you  the convenience and peace of mind to monitor your income and expenses in real-time so you’ll always be on top of your budget.

Accept Recurring Donations Online

Accept recurring donations on your project’s website. We’ll provide you with a donation button specifically for your project, allowing you to receive donations at any time.

Expense Cards

There is no need to waste time waiting for your funds. You will always have immediate access to your funds with a Project expense card.

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