Sponsorship Rates

We try to keep our administration fee as low as possible so more of the funds you raise can be used to further your charitable efforts. The fees we do collect go towards providing you project with insurance, accounting, auditing, bill paying, grant management, and other administrative services.

Unlike many fiscal sponsors, we do not require a minimum balance or ask for a high sign-up fee. To help us offer our fiscal sponsorship services and cover our basic costs, we require a $50 monthly insurance fee for Model A projects.

For Model C projects  we require a refundable minimum monthly admin fee of $29 per month. This fee will be refunded to your project once you have raise at least $5,000 each year you are fiscally sponsored. If you already have at least $10,000 in funding, we will waive the minimum monthly admin fees.

Below is a list of our sponsorship rates

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Model C Fiscal Sponsorship

6.5% admin fee (see below)
  • Model C Sponsorship (more info can be found here)
  • 6.5% admin fee for projects with budgets under $500,000
  • 5% admin fee for projects with budgets between $500,000 & $1M
  • 8% admin fee for international projects

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