All new hire intake form responses must be submitted at least one week in advance of employee’s start date. 

Project directors must also confirm that their potential new hire can provide  non-expired documents as proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. List of Acceptable Types of Identification

New hires must complete their onboarding in ADP within 21 days of their start date. 

If this is your first time hiring: Please read through the “What to Expect: Hiring Process” document by clicking on the green button to the right. Next, schedule a call with Human Resources by clicking the red button. After scheduling you can fill out the New Hire Intake Form by clicking on the purple button, we will review this during the call.

If you have hired with SGF in the past: Fill out the New Hire Intake Form, purple button.  You will receive a confirmation when the new hire has received an offer to onboard and an offer letter from ADP.  (If you have questions or just want to dive into the details, we are here to help, you can use the same scheduling link, red button.) 

To make a change to a current employee: For wage, full time/part time status, manager, title, employee bonus and other changes, fill out the Employee Change Request Form, orange button.

Note: Project Directors may designate others to complete hiring tasks but we must receive something in writing (email) confirming that this authority has been so assigned. 

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New Hire/Questions about Hiring
New Hire Form

Employee Termination Form

What to Expect: Hiring Process
SGF Payroll Schedule
CA Sexual Harrassment Prevention Training

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